Some of the games you can play with Google Assistant

We all know about Google's competitor Alexa in the field of voice assistance. So, on your Android smartphone, you can easily launch Google Assistant. Here in this post, I will show you, What games you can play with Google Assistant.

Top Games To Play With Google Assistant

Knife Smash

This game is powered by and is a very pretty known game these days. You just need to tap on the screen( or on the knife ) to shoot the knife forward and it will hit the central block ( if you have good luck ) or the already present obstacles like other knives or bombs. You get points on successful hitting off the block.

99 Balls

99 Balls is also from and here, your task is to shoot the ball and bump against as many objects as possible. With every hit, the numbers on the objects decrease until they disappear from the field. Try to remove them before they reach the bottom, otherwise, the game is over. With every round, new ball moving down have higher numbers.

My Smart Pet

This groundbreaking game for the whole family uses Google Assistant to enable conversations with your newfound pet. You must guide it through a mysterious world, making impactful choices along the way. There are more cats, dogs, and birds to encounter as you explore.

Guess The Drawing

The game features new drawings every day, in various difficulty levels. With Party Mode, multiple players, for example, different family members, can compete with each other simultaneously. Laurens Rutten, CEO of CoolGames says: “It has been a great experience working closely together with Google on our first voice-operated game! As more and more people will have smart assistants in their living room, kitchen or bedroom, we believe voice-operated games will become a natural addition to playing games via other platforms.”

Jewel Match 3

Here you can match 3 similar jewels by swiping them in all 4 directions and if you are successful to do so, you will get points for that. However, matching dissimilar jewels will not earn you anything in the game.

Are You Feeling Lucky!

Up to six people can join the Great Factoid for five rounds of challenging trivia and surprises. If you win, the great one will bestow gifts beyond your imagination. But if you lose...if you lose...well, no big deal.

That's it for today. Well, there are many other games you can play but this is the end of the list today. We shall be updating this list with time.