How to solve "Theme Automatically Changing To Default Old Theme" problem

We will try our best to show you, each and every method you can try to solve the specific problem you are having. Just follow these steps in sequence, and if any one of these doesn't solve your problem, then proceed to the next.

1-The most important thing you have to do is to update your device instantly if any update is pending.

2- Clear the data of your MI Themes App (official) by following the below steps:

  1. From your phone's Settings, tap Installed apps.
  2. Tap All tab.
  3. Find and tap the app you want to clear its data/cache.
  4. On the App info screen, tap Clear data/Clear cache.

3-The next most important thing is that if you have installed any third-party service or app related to MI themes and their customization. Like custom font, custom wallpaper, custom ringtone, custom theme etc then please uninstall it and reboot your device. Then check whether the problem persists.

4-If the problem was not solved then have a live chat with Xiaomi experts by visiting the Xiaomi Support Center page,
And describe your problem they may solve your problem more efficiently.

Post in the comment box here, your feedback regarding this post. Were you able to solve the problem?