How To Stop Bluetooth Turning ON Automatically In Android

Are you facing this problem? Didn't get it. I am talking about the Bluetooth that is automatically turning ON, even after Switching it OFF manually. If yes, then just get relaxed. You will get the solution to your problem here.
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Why this happened?

Well this is because, one of your installed Applications on your phone turned Bluetooth ON, without your permission. You can know which app did this by going to the Advanced Settings of Bluetooth and then choosing Apps turning on Bluetooth. In most cases, Google Play services is the culprit.

Google Play Services turning Bluetooth ON

I know, this can get too irritating in some cases. That's why we will let you know how to solve this problem easily.

How to solve this?

This is very easy, you just need to disable auto Bluetooth Scanning on your Android phone. Don't worry, this will not create any problem for you, because The scanning setting is NOT related to the phone auto-finding Bluetooth network when Bluetooth is on. The setting determines whether the phone will scan for Bluetooth networks periodically when Bluetooth is OFF (used for location services).
So, here is how to do this:-

  • Step-1: Open Settings
  • Step-2: Search scanning using the search box and then choose Bluetooth settings appropriately.

Choose Bluetooth Scanning

  • Step-3: Turn off Bluetooth Scanning

Turn Bluetooth Scanning Off

I recommend you to disable the WIFI Scanning option also
That's it. Your problem will definitely get solved instantly. I hope we have not wasted your time and if you think so, please let us know in the comment section given below, it really helps us to stay motivated to help you more and more.