Elon Musk got a setback in India, the government appealed to the people to stay away from Starlink, know the reason

A warning from the Central Government has added to the woes of Elon Mask in India. In fact, Alan Musk's company Starlink launched the subscription process for satellite internet service, after which the government has appealed to people to stay away from Starlink internet service.

the central government says alan musk's starlink is yet to get a licence to provide satellite internet in india. the public is appealed not to buy starlink's internet service subscription. it may also harm them.

DoT gives statement

The Department of Telecommunications has also said that Elon Musk's Starlink is yet to be licensed in India. Musk's company has ignored regulatory procedures. Musk will have to get approval from the government to provide Starlink's internet service.

5000 pre-booking mark crossed

Elon Musk's Starlink recently started pre-booking for the internet service. It was only after this that the government appealed to the people not to buy subscriptions. Let us tell you that Starlink had issued a statement some time ago saying that it is looking forward to providing its services in India. The number of pre-bookings in the country has crossed 5000.