WhatsApp is going to make a big change, going to bring these 3 new features

Image source: The Verge

WhatsApp always takes care of its users. For which the company keeps on improving it by making changes in the app from time to time. Now WhatsApp can give three new features to its users within a few days.

What's WhatsApp's plan

WhatsApp has already made it a little better to search for specific content in chats. With this changed feature, people do not have to spend much time between links, media and docs and the thing of need is easily searched. But now it seems that the tech giant WhatsApp is taking it a step further.

For whom, this update will be

It is important to know here that this latest update will be available only for business accounts of WhatsApp. Maybe later it can be expanded to all WhatsApp users.
WhatsApp Business is used by many companies nowadays to provide good service, convenient way to the customers. Whether it's requesting an update on your delivery or asking a customer a question.

Will help in Search

Given how many messages companies get from customers. You can understand why they might need extra help getting through them all. This means that businesses will soon be able to take a step forward in searching via chat.

Can increase income by giving good service to customers

They will be able to separate contacts, non-contacts and unread chats. And on this basis, he will be able to give better service to his valued customer more indirectly. Also, you will be able to know the intention of those customers who are not satisfied. Companies will also benefit indirectly from this feature.

According to the report of 'The Sun', according to WABetaInfo, which disclosed this feature,
'WhatsApp is not planning to release it on WhatsApp Messenger, as these features are more useful on WhatsApp Business.'

WhatsApp's new feature will tell who is talking about you

There is a lot of discussion about another feature of WhatsApp. This next level feature will let you know who is talking about you. WhatsApp can soon launch this fun feature for its users. Through this feature, you will be able to know whether your friend or relative is talking about you or not. You will get its notification immediately.