Get Your Favorite .com Domain at ₹250

Domain stands like an online address of your website, which can be a blog, business website, landing page etc. For a business or blog to succeed, it should have a great and eye catching domain. Domains are being offered everywhere at prices approximately ₹800-₹1200, which is of course not a big amount as compared what people can and earn from their websites.

But, the problem is with the beginners who might be students, people who couldn't afford this much money on something that is definitely not certain and reliable for a beginner. They might want to spend this money on something useful.

Students who just want to start a website and are dependent on the money of their parents, are often hesitant to ask their parents about things like purchasing a domain and running a website. It's kind of hassle to their parents as they prefer the traditional and conventional methods to earn money in life.

Here we are, we are going to solve your problem in a great amount. Purchasing a domain at ₹250 will be definitely much easy and accessible for students and beginners than purchasing it at ₹900 or ₹1000.

We are going to introduce you to ThePowerHost. TPHost provides you a .com domain at ₹250 only. All you need to do is signup and pay the price and your favorite domain will be yours.

About TPHost

The PowerHost is one of the largest services platform for entrepreneurs around the globe. We’re on a mission to empower our worldwide community and entrepreneurs everywhere — by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online.


Stagpa has verified the authenticity of TPHost and TPHost is a MSME certified company. We definitely know that whenever there is a price drop online at anything, it creates a doubt in the mind of the purchaser that the thing he/she is going to purchase might be a part of fraud. But, Stagpa is running over TPHost at this moment as the registrar. This definitely gives you a clue over this issue.

How to purchase

Head to the website of TPHost and search for your favorite domain in the search box given there.

Now, you will get domain options, choose the .com version of your domain an click on Buy Now.

Now, click on Continue button without changing any values.

Now, click on Checkout and follow the final steps to get your domain at INR 250.

Finally, what we want to say is that, try TPHost and you will love the services they offer. INR 250 is definitely a very less amount to get a .com domain for. Hurry up or this deal may slip from your hands, and you might not get this deal again ever. Best of luck for your website.