Use GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes on Android Game without external keyboard

So, now since you have decided to use cheat codes in your android GTA SAN game, we will not extend your wait longer. Just read everything written below line by line to avoid any hastle and to enjoy your game.

You don't need any external device like a keyboard or anything to use the cheat codes.

Step-1: Download Hacker's Keyboard from Google Play.

Step-2: Open the app.

Step-3: Click on Enable button,settings will open.

Step-4: Enable the keyboard as a input method.

Step-5:  Now open the app again, and click on Set Input method button, a dialog box will open/popup.

Step-6: Choose Hacker's keyboard.

Step-7: Open the app again and now click on Settings button.

Step-8: Scroll down to find Use permanent notification option.

Step-9: Turn it on by clicking on it. Using this you can have a notification in your notification bar which can open the keyboard anytime while you are playing your game by clicking on it once.

Step-10: Open your game and whenever you want to apply a cheat code, swipe down the notification bar and click on the notification from Hacker's Keyboard and it will open the keyboard for you. Now type your cheat code using the keyboard on the screen. 

While typing, the screen may rotate on high speed, just ignore it and type your full cheat code and cheat will get activated, after that use your phone's back button to hide the keyboard(You can enable it again using the notification in your notification bar) now tap on the screen once using your two fingers simultaneously. This will stop the screen from rotating. Now, enjoy your game and repeat the process whenever you want to use a new cheat code. 

NOTE: If by any chance the map in the game is opening while using the keyboard, the cheat will not get activated while the map is on the screen, you will have to to use the ENTER KEY on the keyboard to hide the map and then use your keyboard for entering your cheat code.

Enjoy the game, and if you get caught in any problem type it in the comment section below.