Igor Stimac suggests that Sunil Chhetri's current season could be his last

In a recent interview, Indian football team coach Igor Stimac revealed that star striker Sunil Chhetri may be playing his last season.

Chhetri, who is 37 years old, has been an integral part of the Indian football team for over a decade and has made over 120 appearances for the national team. He is also the all-time leading goal-scorer for the team, with 74 goals to his name.

Stimac praised Chhetri's contributions to Indian football and acknowledged the importance of his leadership on and off the field. However, he also acknowledged that Chhetri's age is catching up with him and that he may not be able to continue playing at the same level for much longer.

"Sunil Chhetri is a legend of Indian football, and he has given so much to the team over the years," Stimac said. "But we have to be realistic and acknowledge that he may be playing his last season. He is getting older, and it's getting harder for him to maintain the same level of performance that he has in the past."

Stimac's comments will undoubtedly be a blow to Indian football fans, who have come to rely on Chhetri's goals and leadership over the years. However, they may also prompt the team to start thinking about a future without their star striker.

The Indian football team has been making steady progress in recent years, with promising young players coming through the ranks. Stimac may see Chhetri's retirement as an opportunity to give these players more game time and help them develop into the next generation of Indian football stars.

Whatever happens, Chhetri's legacy in Indian football is secure. He has been a role model for countless young players and has helped put Indian football on the map. If this is indeed his last season, he will be sorely missed, but his impact on the game will be felt for many years to come.