Lahore HC Directs Police to Halt Operation at Imran Khan's Residence

K.M. Chaudary/AP

The Dawn has reported that the situation outside the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan's residence, remained tense throughout the day. However, the Lahore High Court has now directed the police to halt their operation at Zaman Park until 10 am tomorrow (March 16). This news has brought relief to Imran Khan's supporters, who have gathered outside his residence.

As per reports by Geo News, Punjab Rangers and police personnel had attempted to arrest Imran Khan near his Zaman Park residence, which led to clashes between his supporters and the law enforcement agencies. However, following the court's order and the withdrawal of police personnel, Imran Khan's supporters celebrated their apparent victory.

In a new development, sources cited by Geo News have claimed that the police will not proceed with any action on Imran Khan's Zaman Park residence until the Pakistan Super League cricket match, involving foreign players, concludes. This means that the police operation could resume after the cricket match ends.

The ongoing clashes between Imran Khan's supporters and law enforcement agencies have resulted in numerous injuries. Geo News has reported that at least 54 policemen and eight civilians were injured during the clashes that erupted on Tuesday afternoon. The confrontations have been ongoing throughout the night, and videos have emerged of police shelling protesters, baton-charging, and firing tear gas shells.

Imran Khan is facing allegations of buying gifts, including an expensive wristwatch, from the state depository called Toshakhana at a discounted price and then selling them for profit. This has put him in the crosshairs of government agencies, and the police arrived at his residence on Tuesday to arrest him in connection with this case.

In a tweet, Imran's PTI party has claimed that more workers are reaching Zaman Park to support him and have vowed not to let the "impure intentions" of the coalition government succeed.

After the police personnel left the area, Imran Khan came out of his residence wearing a gas mask and met with his party workers. The PTI has also posted a tweet announcing that more workers are joining the gathering at Zaman Park. The situation outside Imran Khan's residence remains uncertain, and there are concerns that the ongoing clashes could escalate further.