PM Modi targets Congress on Karnataka campaign trail, citing "Kerala Story" and "Jai Bajrangbali"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Karnataka's Ballari district on Friday. (Photo: Twitter/@BJP4Karnataka)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an all-out attack against Congress during a campaign rally in poll-bound Karnataka's Ballari on Friday, criticising the Opposition for shielding terrorism for the sake of votes. He cited the controversial film 'The Kerala Story' and said that Congress is standing with terror tendencies by opposing the film made on terrorism.

Modi accused Congress of nurturing and giving shelter to terror for vote-bank politics, saying, "Can such a party ever save Karnataka?" He further alleged that Congress builds false narratives for winning elections based on money power.

On the other hand, he said that BJP's manifesto is a 'sankalpa patra' with a roadmap to make Karnataka number one. Modi also accused Congress of not respecting tribal communities and their culture, citing the example of the opposition they showed when BJP made a tribal woman as the Presidential candidate.

Modi stressed the importance of security, law and order in the state and said that it is crucial for Karnataka to remain free from terrorism. He accused Congress of making fake narratives and surveys to mislead voters and said that they did not stand with the country during the recent Sudan rescue operations.