Ackors' New Plan: PLATINUM

Ackors want our people to have a platform to show their talent and use that to earn some revenue, that's why Ackors have planned to launch PLATINUM a scheme that will let people who are interested in writing blogs or articles related to tech, earn money according to their contribution.

To understand Ackors plan, let us take an example:-

Assume that we have 5 users in our scheme. So earnings will be added to everyone's account in this manner:-
Let we got 1000 views as a total for one day and an earning of $100. Now Ackors will take a commission from this total earning to help us pay our sever bills and for other things. Let Ackors take 30% commission from this and now the money available to our users is $70

Now from a total of 1000 views below given views were from each user:-

User 1: 500 views
User 2: 200 views
User 3: 150 views
User 4: 100 views
User 5: 50 views

Now the earnings of each user is defined by dividing their views by total views and then multiplying the value with the money available for distribution, that is $70 in this case.
After calculation the money will be distributed to each user in the following manner:-

User 1: $35
User 2: $14
User 3: $10.5
User 4: $7
User 5: $3.5

So, one who gets more views will ultimately get more earning. Hence, there will be no discrimination and partiality.

1. We assure you that we will work with full transparency.
2. Money will be earned by adding advertisements in the blog/articles shared by our users.
3. Money will not be distributed until we earn at least $100, as per AdSense's guidelines.
4. If you are not interested in this plan and not sure about our legitimacy, we recommend you not to become a part of this.
5. PLATINUM will be launched only when we will get adequate amount of positive response. 
6. If we got this type of positive response, we will start PLATINUM in beta phase, which means if the platform and our users are really getting a positive outcome from this plan, then only this will continue. 
7. This scheme will not need you to deposit any money, it is completely free and will only earn you profit utilizing your time and talent.